Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How Lumin Data Verifier helpful to Data Recovery Companies?

Lumin Data Verifier is a must have software for data recovery service providers and data migration companies. This product would check the health of different file types like office documents, images, audio and videos.
Data Verifier, works on the recovered or migrated files. In maximum cases during the #data recovery, most of data recovery software, recover the existing and deleted data. The recovered data depends on the recovery algorithm, type of data corruption, data loss scenarios, formatted or overwritten data. In most of cases the recovery software is not capable to identify the health of individual files.
In real time scenarios data recovery companies recover the complete data and send the client recovered information in a tree structure. When client see that he can get back all data, after delivering the data. client found so many files are not working specially in case of lost files and client said he got garbage data.  In all such cases, all data recovery companies and the data verification staff spends lots of man hours to verify the recovered data. After verification, they send the snap shot or tree structure to clients.
Lumin Data verifier would help to all data verification staff, to reduce their man hours and costing to companies. This program would verify all types of file formats (85+ file types), which are useful for maximum users, it would discard the corrupted files and keep all healthy files. It supports to save all healthy data and also give option to verify any individual type (e.g. pdf or .xlsx etc.). Along that Lumin Data verifier gives an option to save verified data, save scan info feature for working on verified data and creating the snap shot of tree structure in HTML format. That tree can be shared to client before approval of recovery case. Please try this utility and improve the data recovery efficiency and results.

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